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The Builder's Journey

Jul 14, 2021

PTSD is curable!


If you or someone you know, suffers from PTSD, this is a must listen episode! 


The Builder's Journey is proud & honored to introduce Derek Ayers; Advocate, Visionary, Humanitarian, and Leader.  Derek's story is nothing short of inspirational.  


In addition to saving countless lives on the battle field as a decorated Medical Services Officer, Derek helped save the life of Alex (your humble show host).


After many decades of suffering, Alex has broken his silence about his PTSD, Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), and a 2010 suicide attempt.


Buckle up for safety as we explore cutting edge solutions such as Ketamine Infusions and much more!


Derek Ayers Email:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Colorado Crisis Services (including peer support) 1-844-493-8255


Hope Center Eagle River Valley 970-306-4673


SpeakUp Reach Out



Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine (Ketamine Infusions)


Podcast Alan Rosenfeld did with Alexis Goldsmith


Alan Rosenfeld disciplinary hearing 2018,%20Opinion%20Imposing%20Sanctions,%2018PDJ023,%2011-23-18.pdf


Orlando Chiropractic


Yoga Pod Boulder


Derek’s Reads:


Aleph by Paulo Coelho


This Naked Mind by Annie Grace


The Transformation by James Gordon