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The Builder's Journey

Jul 21, 2021

This is a true story about a botched Halloween party suicide attempt and a recreational logging accident gone bad.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Colorado Crisis Services
1-844-493-8255      Tested and approved by your show host, "Calling this number was a real game...

Jul 14, 2021

PTSD is curable!


If you or someone you know, suffers from PTSD, this is a must listen episode! 


The Builder's Journey is proud & honored to introduce Derek Ayers; Advocate, Visionary, Humanitarian, and Leader.  Derek's story is nothing short of inspirational.  


In addition to saving countless lives on the battle...

Jul 4, 2021

This is what happens when Mahthew Muhkanaheys stops by the studio to share his passion for Llama racing and cultural diversity.


Plumb Kendall Solution

Alex K. Minting

National Suicide Prevention...

Jun 24, 2021

If you've never heard of CranioSacral Therapy before, maybe you've heard of Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL football player Ricky Williams?

CranioSacral Therapist, Lisa Johnson has dedicated her life to helping professional athletes as well as mere mortals, heal from within. She spent 16-years with the NFL...

Jun 10, 2021

Everyone copes with mental health issues differently and one fantastic method is the physical act of climbing. Alex’s guests today are Dave Dantas, Carol Johnson, and Larry Moore, who explain the goal behind Eagle Climbing & Fitness’ event “Climb for Hope” and how climbing can provide a safe space for anyone to...