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The Builder's Journey

Mar 27, 2023

Just like, being human applies to all humans, mental health applies to all with mental, including elected officials. 

 Scott Turnipseed (Mayor of Eagle,CO) helps host the "Elected Leaders Collective" (Skippy Mesirow & Jamie Butemeyer)

"Elected Leaders Collective" 

81% of...

Mar 26, 2023

"Please don't ask me to pick my favorite podcast episode. It's like asking which is your favorite child . . ." Alex K. Mintling

On this chili Sunday morning, show host (Alex) previews tomorrows conversation with the Elected Leaders Collective and the mayor of Eagle, CO Scott Turnipseed.


National Suicide Prevention...

Mar 12, 2023

"No one should ever hitchike . . . in less you've been traumatized on a bus . . ." Alex K. Mintling

Listen in on Alex's 5-Star rating for the Bustang from Eagle to Denver.

Join the after party and hear 7-bus riding stories & 4-hitch hiking stories. 


HELP WANTED: Show Notes writer must English...

Mar 10, 2023

F.A.C. with a twist. The heavens have spoken and show host (Alex) audio did not record.  Which begs the question; can we save some payroll around here and 86 Alex?

Derek discusses the Top 3 challenges facing Coloradans: 1. Cost of living 2. Violation of rights 3.  Single parenting & more . . .

Ron DeSantis vs Jared...