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The Builder's Journey

Jul 1, 2019

Enter a world where contracting meets education with Dr. Kathryn Regjo. She serves as the temporary Campus Dean & College-Wide VP of Academic Affairs at Colorado Mountain College. Dr. Regjo’s goal is to redefine how the people and community of the Vail Valley view education, and more how the country views education. While staying in line with community needs, CMC is constantly growing and looking forward to the future so that it can best support the community around it. Under her tutelage, CMC has been able to engrain themselves so deeply in the community that it has restored people’s faith in the education system. In her eyes, it’s not so much a community college; it’s the community’s college. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Dr. Regjo’s story
  • The college’s goal to act as a community partner
  • Reasons that people don’t believe in the education system today
  • Different Bachelor’s programs offered at CMC
  • Remaining flexible to adhere to students’ personal lives
  • Biggest challenges facing CMC in regard to meeting the community needs
  • Building degrees for the first time while staying aligned with the community
  • Funding the college and where it comes from
  • Benefits of going to CMC as compared to a public state college
  • Humble beginnings of CMC
  • Why people are not drawn to the trades anymore
  • How colleges can reconnect with the trade community
  • Building a trade pipeline with the youth
  • Aspects of participating in dual enrollment
  • Defining work-life balance away from time calculation
  • How to use leadership to build a highly-productive culture
  • Where leadership crosses over into chain-of-command
  • Having author Adam Grant on the campus
  • Two-way relationship with the community
  • Dr. Kathryn’s new position as VP of Academic Affairs


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