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The Builder's Journey

Mar 25, 2019

Today we are running part 2 of the Bobby Knox story. If you are new to the podcast, in the first episode we talked about the Knox family and their roll in the Vail Valley newspaper industry with their paper, “The Vail Trail.” In part 2, we are going to talk about Bobby’s escapades in the window industry and what he’s up to these days as well as his time spent in the Czech Republic. Stay tuned for Forrest Gump 2, an absolutely incredible human-interest story that truly defines resiliency.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Transitioning into the window industry through connection economics
  • Entering the the commercial market
  • The Four Seasons downfall project on the cusp of the economic crisis
  • The after-effects of a financial disaster
  • Starting over fresh in the Czech Republic
  • Building something new while using something from the past
  • Changing the ad placement landscape
  • The bumpy journey through the start-up world
  • Moving back to Vail
  • Giving, taking, and finding that happy medium

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Give and Take

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