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The Builder's Journey

Mar 7, 2023

Seems like, we can get stuck in patterns. With the ever present news cycles, making a living, and the pressures of everyday life, it can be challenging to get "unstuck".

We recommend listening to today's episode while seated or laying in a comfortable position & a safe space (with headphones). Let the sounds of mother nature and the Delta Blues help wash away the tension.

"Intro to the Blues" (0min 12sec)

"Thunderstorm on The Porch" (1min, 20sec)

"Cold Day Blues" (20min, 30sec)

"Birds Chirping" (27min 45sec)

Outro (37min 45sec)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . . . 988  

Colorado Crisis Services & Peer Support

Hope Center Eagle River Valley


Alex K. Mintling 970-390-9755

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