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The Builder's Journey

May 18, 2022

Matt Solomon, former Town Council Member in Eagle, CO, is running for Colorado State Senate District 8. He believes in Individual Freedom and Liberty and advocates for the Safety of Coloradans. Matt’s ability to bring experience and perspective from both the public and the private sector grants him insight into...

May 13, 2022

Listen in as two sisters discuss their new podcast titled, "Together Alone"!

Alexandra Bratschie & Stevi Bratschie 

Name Drop Game: Ian Bratschie: "Modern Family - Warehouse Guy"


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

May 7, 2022

WARNING! Only listen to today's episode if you want to be uplifted, motivated and inspired!

Holly Rouillard Johnson is a public speaker, market dominating position strategist, published author, AND marathon runner!

Follow along as Holly shares a marathoner's journey to a feel good state!

Check out Holly's latest book

Apr 25, 2022

In December of 2014, Heidi was blindsided by her husband’s suicide. Heidi and John Todd had been happily married for fourteen years, with two sons (2 & 5 years old), when he went missing for three days.  Listen in as Heidi shares her experience, strength and hope.

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