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The Builder's Journey

Apr 28, 2023

Chris Cook & Scott Turnipseed acted on a dream. So many years ago they contacted Kate Rau, executive director of the "Colorado High School Cycling League" and brought the "Ride, Connect & Empower" movement to Eagle, Colorado.

 Kate is the Founder and Executive Director of the Colorado High School Cycling League,...

Apr 25, 2023

What are the odds that show host (Alex) shares his emotional story of a FOX studio tour on the same day Tucker Carlson gets canned from FOX news & Don Lemon gets canned from CNN? 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . . . 988  

Colorado Crisis Services & Peer...

Apr 23, 2023

What lengths would you go to, to protect child's life? Would it make a difference if it was your own child vs somebody else's?

Listen in as army combat veteran Derek Ayers looks at school shootings from a humanistic, as well as a, tactical approach.

Derek Ayers: 

National Suicide Prevention...

Apr 12, 2023

VAIL DAILY (4/12/2023): "Free The Squirrel" AP

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . . . 988  

Colorado Crisis Services & Peer Support

Hope Center Eagle River Valley


Apr 11, 2023

 Born a preacher’s son, Asa Dyer’s acting/modeling career took him from Hollywood to being Heidi Ganahl’s Chief of Staff on her 2022 campaign to be the next governor of Colorado. Army veteran, Derek Ayers, helps facilitate a candid, must listen to conversation about the state of the State, politics and importance...