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The Builder's Journey

Aug 5, 2022

01:58 sausage fest

04:00 recovering I.T. professional & becoming a therapist

06:05 speaking at conference for co-responders –data driven co-response

08:42 lack of hope in our youth

14:05 shame vs guilt

16:03 the role of churches

22:24 lock-downs effects on the kids

26:32 an alternative view of the DSM-5

27:11 Ketamine & the industrial medical complex

31:35 med-evil times and the DSM

37:02 medicating hopelessness

37:40 co-response model

41:38 the Ketamine “and” conversation

44:30 Ketamine and the glutamate process & testing

49:29 loosing connection with the land

50:34 teach people to question & rejecting shame

53:10 validating others

54:05 Gwen’s creative process

56:31 best bit of advice

58:15 last word – “showing up authentically”


ABC News - by Kate Moisse - March 2012: "DSM-5 Criticized For Financial Conflicts of Interest - Seven in 10 DSM-5 panel members has financial ties to drug companies"


Los Angeles Times - June 2022 - By Sarah Fay Op-Ed: "I received six psychiatric diagnoses in 25 years. They were a dead end."


Chemical & Engineering News - April 2019 - by Alla Katsnelson: "Ketamine helps neurons regrow lost connections" "Researchers glimpse how the antidepressant changes neuron structure and function in 'deperessed' mice"


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The New Number . . . . 988  

Colorado Crisis Services & Peer Support


Hope Center Eagle River Valley


Alex K. Mintling 970-390-9755

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