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The Builder's Journey

Oct 30, 2021

When's the last time you listened in on a conversation between three good friends that have all experienced multiple Ketamine Infusions?

We invite you to come along for a journey of desperation turned to hope, as Lisa, Angie and the show host (Alex) share there experience, strength and new found freedom!

Apex Health Alliance

High Country Infusion & Wellness Center

Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

"New Clues Found in Understanding Near-Death Experiences" 

"Distressing Near Death Experiences: The Basics"

"The Ketamine Model of the Near-Death Experience: A Central Role for the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor"

Protecting the Brain from a Glutamate Storm


"What Do Near-Death Experiences Mean, and Why Do They Fascinate Us?"

Lisa Johnson
Lisa's Email: 

Alex K. Mintling
Plumb Kendall Solutions


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Colorado Crisis Services

Hope Center Eagle River Valley