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The Builder's Journey

Sep 2, 2020

Sometimes you have to look back in order to figure out what is going to come your way in the future. Alex’s guest today is Dale Nilsson, a New Jersey native that has been a friend of Alex’s for 25 years. Dale came to the Vail Valley about 25 years ago for work and never left. Take a listen as Alex and Dale reach into their bag for a look back and some good times as they storm through some great questions from Poddecks!


In this episode, Alex and Dale talk about…

  • Dale and Alex’s differing versions of how they met
  • How business has changed in the last 25 years
  • COVID is very challenging for those dealing with depression
  • A comprehensive list of Dale’s real-life heroes
  • The role that the bible has played in Dale’s life
  • Rapid-fire questions from Poddecks
  • Using retirement as an opportunity to give back
  • Kids right now are being very innovative and creative with their time


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