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The Builder's Journey

Aug 4, 2020

When you think of waves, you probably think of an ocean. Well, now you can think of Colorado; Eagle County now has it’s very own wave park! Alex’s guest today is Farnham St. John, Alex’s studio neighbor and the resident expert on wheels and waves. Farnam is British-born but was raised in Minnesota where he specialized in physics before he found his way to teaching outdoor sports. With his background in wheels and engines, Farnam went to work on Alex’s e-bike and has left him to terrorize the Colorado trails!


In this episode, Alex and Farnam talk about…

  • Farnam’s story from Britain to Minnesota to Eagle County
  • John’s background with wheels and engines
  • Written and unwritten rules of etiquette for e-bikes
  • Eagle County fairgrounds has a new wave park
  • Calculating cubic feet per second (CFS) and what it means
  • It’s safety first when it comes to Colorado surfing
  • The history of Memorial park and Farnham’s contribution
  • Logistics behind moving snow in and out of the villages


Links to resources:

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Live Science Website(Wheel & Axel Together)


“Official” Eagle County Rules & Etiquette for Electric Bikes


Measuring Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) in Rivers


Poddecks Work!


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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