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The Builder's Journey

Jun 7, 2020

When it comes to project delivery systems, the choice basically comes down to two options, design-bid-build vs. design-build. Both methods are tried and true, but which one is right for you? Does it really matter? At the end of the day, the consumer wants a product of high quality that is going to last for a long time and they don’t want to get screwed for it. Alex and Bobby are in the house today to bring the value of Alex’s 26 years of experience in the remodeling industry to tell you, the listener, about how contractors use systems to bring consumers high-quality remodeling work!


In this episode, Alex and Bobby talk about…

  • Business owners should protect their consumers’ investments
  • Pulling apart what the word “design” really means
  • Construction cost line between the two systems
  • Why you should definitely design the project up-front
  • Hire an expert that is looking for all of the unknowns
  • People are generally scared to commit to a building contractor
  • Alex dives into his archives to explain real-world examples of design-build
  • Design-bid-build brings everything down to a number
  • Benefits of taking a harder look at the design-build system


Links to resources:

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"Pentagon Renovation Flies Under the Radar" (Engineering News Record)

  “Rebuild the Pentagon – The Washington Construction Community Stands Tall” by C.L. Taylor, Capstone Communications  

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High Altitude Army Aviation Training Site (HAATS) Hensel Phelps


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