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The Builder's Journey

May 8, 2020

Anytime that you have a forum to voice your opinion and make positive change, that is an opportunity that you should jump on. Bobby Knox is back in the studio with Alex today for a political show of all things. As you might recall, Bobby’s family started the family-owned newspaper, the Vail Trail. Bobby knows better than most that a letter to the editor is just one of many ways that people can open a dialogue about whatever issue is in front of them. In order to make a positive change in the community or the world, open dialogue must be had with elected officials and those in charge. Transparency is the currency of leadership!


In this episode, Alex and Bobby talk about…

  • Letters to the editor have changed with the times
  • We are in a day where transparency and customer-centric are highly valued
  • The governing bodies that manage unincorporated Eagle County
  • Differentiating between collaboration and groupthink
  • Problems with the 10-week permit process in Eagle County right now
  • This is the best time for both sectors to change internally
  • Government entities must take liability for what they are paid for
  • Open dialogue is not the same as ranting, raving, and spewing the negative
  • The Builders Journey’s new website


Links to resources:


The Vail Daily

The Gettysburg Address

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