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The Builder's Journey

Dec 28, 2019

LSU is facing OU for the right to play OSU or Clemson in the national championship, so it’s only appropriate that a Tigers fan is in the house today. Ryan Turk joins Alex today because friends don’t let friends podcast alone. The guys are talking all about the changing world of technology and how to set up a successful podcast. Utilizing a great format and structure can take your podcast from a fun hobby to a successful educational tool. Stay tuned to learn all about podcasts and more!

In this episode, Alex and Ryan talk about…

  • Essential elements to a successful Louisiana tailgate
  • Thinking about how the world is changing with social influencers
  • Being smart about how and why you design commercial space in the valley
  • The pre-conceived notions and usual formats for podcasting
  • Breaking down the inverted pyramid and three ax structures
  • Finding the why behind your desire to podcast
  • Recognizing the importance of friendship in your life
  • Focusing on building the greatest show that you can build
  • How Ryan and Alex became friends

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LSU vs. OU

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