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The Builder's Journey

Aug 24, 2021

Listen is Derek Ayers & Gwendolyn Gaumond debrief their recent Ketamine infusion at the Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine.



Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

Vassily Eliopoulos, MD

Khoshal Latifzai, MD

Decorated Medical Services Officer & Combat Veteran Derek Ayers:

Gwen Gaumond , MS, MA, LPC & Owner of Coal Creek Counseling

Alex K. Mintling
Plumb Kendall Solutions


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Colorado Crisis Services

Hope Center Eagle River Valley

Meta-analysis of ketamine on a variety of health problems:


Cancer and Chronic pain:


Depression, Glutamate mechanism and neuroplasticity


Ketamine and hippocampal load (hippocampus and its load or the wearing down of its functionality is typically seen in dementia patients)


Ketamine and treatment resistant depression: