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The Builder's Journey

Aug 17, 2021

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the Medical-Industrial Complex, this is a must listen to episode!

Lead by Vassily Eliopoulos, MD we take a deep dive into a "Live" ketamine infusion, as combat veteran Derek Ayers (TBJ Episode #60) successfully receives a ‘tune-up’ treatment for PTSD.

Special thanks go out to Dr. Eliopoulos MD, Dr. Latifzai MD, and the staff at Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine (RMRM) for having clarity of vision, bold leadership and making PTSD, not only manageable, but CURABLE!    

Thank you Gwendolyn Gaumond, MS, MA, LPC & Owner of Coal Creek Counseling for providing support and insight during Derek’s treatment.


Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

Vassily Eliopoulos, MD

Khoshal Latifzai, MD

Decorated Medical Services Officer & Combat Veteran Derek Ayers:

Alex K. Mintling
Plumb Kendall Solutions


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Colorado Crisis Services

Hope Center Eagle River Valley

Meta-analysis of ketamine on a variety of health problems:


Cancer and Chronic pain:


Depression, Glutamate mechanism and neuroplasticity


Ketamine and hippocampal load (hippocampus and its load or the wearing down of its functionality is typically seen in dementia patients)


Ketamine and treatment resistant depression: