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The Builder's Journey

Nov 11, 2020

Similar to Cancer, suicide and mental health issues affect everyone in one way or another. Alex’s guest today is Erin Ivie, the Executive Director of SpeakUp ReachOut, the suicide-prevention coalition in Eagle County. Unfortunately, Erin found out the effects of mental health issues first-hand when her best friend committed suicide after college. Erin is here today to provide some clarity on SpeakUp ReachOut’s efforts to meet Eagle County’s mental health challenges head-on!


In this episode, Alex and Erin talk about…

  • Diving into Erin’s educational background
  • What drew Erin to suicide prevention in Eagle County
  • Breaking down the Community Walk-In Memorial Butterfly Ceremony
  • Remembering Anne Moss Rogers mission to turn pain into purpose
  • One of the most powerful things we have to show people they’re not alone
  • Colorado has become the suicide belt of the United States
  • How SpeakUp ReachOut plans and markets events
  • Giving clarity to all the different organizations that provide mental health services
  • Getting men more involved in the mental health conversation
  • Alex’s theory on PC when it comes to suicide prevention
  • Addressing the realities of addiction recovery
  • Examining SpeakUp ReachOut’s growth in the last decade
  • What characteristics are required of great leaders


Links to resources:


SpeakUp ReachOut 


If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call Hope Center of the Eagle Valley at 970-306-HOPE or Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255.


Hope Center 


Vail Daily: SpeakUp ReachOut Welcomes New Team Members 


Vail Daily: “Erin Ivie – Ask a Question, Save a Life” 


Vail Daily: “Remembering Suicide Losses, Dedicating Community to Prevention at SpeakUp ReachOut Event in Edwards” 


Man Therapy 


Anne Moss Rogers  “Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind” 


TEDx “Can a Blog Save Lives?” Anne Moss Rogers 


TED “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong”  Johann Hari 


Book by Yohann Hari “Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope” 


SpeakUpReachOut: Email Website 970-632-3858

Pod Decks "Never podcast without them"!  Alex Mintling - World Famous Podcaster

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Or Text “HOME” to 741741 to connect with a caring crisis or peer counselor


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