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The Builder's Journey

Sep 23, 2020

Impeccable leadership is needed now more than ever, what with the world experiencing such unique chaos. Alex’s guest today is the Mayor of Eagle himself and owner of Turnipseed Architecture Construction Interior Design...Scott Turnipseed. Scott has served the county for over 20 years, bringing his abilities as a visionary to lead Eagle into a brighter future, despite the seemingly imminent collapse of the world around it. As Mayor, Scott is attempting to use his influence to improve communication between city leaders and citizens, while also taking care of the city and environment around it!


In this episode, Alex and Scott talk about…

  • There’s always going to be friction on a job site
  • The name Turnipseed has gotten Scott into some hilarious situations
  • Chris Cook, Yuri Kostic & Scott helped bring the state high school mountain bike championship to Eagle
  • Grappling with the prospect of mountain biking becoming too popular
  • E-bikes bring a whole new aspect to outdoor travel in Eagle
  • Taking land that could be used for development and dedicating it to wildlife
  • Realities that Scott has to deal with in regards to Broadway vs. Eagle Ranch
  • Shocking fact about property taxes and where they go
  • Using his influence as Mayor to increase communication amongst city leaders
  • How COVID has affected budgets, ongoing projects, and future projects
  • Scott has a ton on his plate with the pressure of growth and how to fund it
  • Eagle is a very giving community and is working with the homeless
  • After design school, Scott took the construction path before practicing architecture
  • Turnipseed Architecture and Construction specializes in clean lines and maximizing what sites have to offer
  • Leaders must be open-minded and empower the people that work for them


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