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The Builder's Journey

Sep 9, 2020

Where you start should not determine where you can go. Truer words have never been spoken. Alex’s guest today is Jon Stavney, a one-of-a-kind influencer that has a plethora of experience; hold onto your seat. Though he comes from humble beginnings in the construction industry as a project manager and superintendent, he made his way into positions of community leadership. Jon has served as the Town of Eagle Mayor, County Commissioner, and Eagle Town Manager and is currently serving the community as the Executive Director of Northwest Colorado Council of Governments. Now that is making your own path!


In this episode, Alex and talk about…

  • Jon came from humble beginnings, spending 15 years in the construction industry
  • Seeing community and caring led Jon to his leadership positions
  • Getting the County Commissioner job while serving as a project manager
  • The three groups of people that community leaders must keep happy
  • Good organizations encourage leading up the chain-of-command
  • Everything that Jon is working on now that gets him excited
  • Jon’s creative process and how he uses writing as a tool in his life
  • Leadership looks different these days than it used to
  • Alex’s time as a public servant made him politically radioactive
  • Suicide prevention is necessary now more than ever because of COVID
  • Get to know Jon through a round of Poddecks
  • “See truth at ground level; don’t take other people’s word for it”


Links to resources:

Jon is the Executive Director of the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments


Sky–Hi News: “Jon Stavneytakes the helm at Northwest Colorado Council of Governments”


Vail Daily: “Jon Stavney takes helm at regional organization”


Heroic Partners Bring Middle Mile Fiber to Northwest Colorado With Project THOR-CommunityBroadband Bits Episode 406


Jon’sPrivate Blog: “A Public Observer”


VailDaily: “Stavney is Best Choice”


Jon’s Contact Info:

Cell # 970-471-9050



Poddecks "Never podcast without them"!  Alex Mintling - World Famous Podcaster

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Or Text “HOME” to 741741 to connect with a caring crisis or peer counselor


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