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The Builder's Journey

Jul 28, 2020

Right now, we have to make sacrifices that we have never had to make before in order to navigate through a global pandemic. However, these sacrifices seem incredibly small when compared to the ones made by our military service members every single day. Alex’s guest today is John Krueger, a general contractor, and owner of a family-home development company. John was in the Navy ROTC during his time in college which led him to a career as a flight officer after graduation. From his military service, he was able to learn incredible management and leadership skills that he applies to his business today!


In this episode, Alex and John talk about…

  • John’s journey through his military service
  • Lessons learned in the military that apply to the pandemic
  • Differences between leadership and chain-of-command
  • Education and sports played a large role in John’s life path
  • Great ways to get fulfillment and fill the time outside of drinking
  • The history of the Krueger family’s knack for building
  • Looking into the future of builders in the Vail Valley
  • Best apps for traveling and how to keep trips interesting
  • Rapid-fire questions from Poddecks


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