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The Builder's Journey

Apr 20, 2020

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and we’ve really been exposed to what jobs are essential and which ones are not. One of those that have emerged as essential is truck driving because without it we wouldn’t have so many of the goods that have become familiar in our homes. In the booth with Alex, today is Dennis Mintling, Alex’s brother, to tell us all about the world of truck driving. Dennis is a long-haul trucker who works as a tandem driver with his partner and wife, hauling specifically for the military. Together, Dennis and his wife have logged over 2 million miles on the road. You could say they are experts in the long-haul trucking game! 


In this episode, Alex and Dennis talk about…

  • How the long-haul trucking game works
  • Dennis’s journey from Boulder to the armed forces and beyond
  • CB radios bring both the good and the bad while on the road
  • Why so many truckers smoke their brakes
  • Truck drivers play an essential pillar in maintaining a civilized society
  • Clashing between civilians and truck drivers
  • Cool traveling opportunities brought about by truck driving
  • Dennis and Alex’s trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


Links to resources:

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (South Dakota)


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Eagle County Hope Line 970-306-4673

Pitkin County - Aspen Hope Line 970-925-5858


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