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The Builder's Journey

Jul 4, 2023

"Thank you to all whom shared their stories, passion and curiousity with TBJ.  If you ever need a place to crash when traveling through Colorado, I would be honored to host you" Alex Mintling TBJ 

(1.Vanessa - 0hr 10min)  (2.Keven - 0hr 18min)  (3.Christina - 0hr 25min)  (4.Gabe – 0hr 32min)  (5.Sarah – 0hr 35min) (6.Justin – 0hr 46min) (7.Terra – 0hr 52min)  (8.Peter - 0hr 59min) (9.Katherine -1hr 6min)  (10.Jenner – 1hr 10min)  (11.Emily & Lori – 1hr 16min) (12.Megan – 1hr 21min)  (13.Marc – 1hr 25min)  (14.Ian -1hr 34min)  (15.Ryan – 1hr 43min)  (16.Doug – 1hr 49min)  (17.Kavalla – 1hr 56min) (18.Karen – 2hr 10min)  (19.Lynn – 2hr 33min)  (20.Elise – 2hr 46min)  (21.Marc – 2hr 52min)  (22.Beth – 3hr 4min) (23. Sarah, Paul, Salise – 3hr 18min)  (24.Chad – 3hr 29min)

Fireside Project: "The psychedelic peer support line provides emotional support during and after psychedelic experiences." 
Call or Text 62-FIRESIDE (1-623-473-7433)  Open everyday 11:00am - 11:00pm PT


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . . . 988  

Colorado Crisis Services & Peer Support

Hope Center Eagle River Valley


Alex K. Mintling

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