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The Builder's Journey

Dec 26, 2019

There’s nothing like reuniting with some of your oldest friends in the world; the people that have seen you at your best and worst. In the studio with Alex, today is Mike Valiant and Tim Taagen, two gentlemen who with Alex had the pleasure of growing up. It’s a special day, being the day after Christmas and also Mike’s birthday! The fellas are here to talk all about their history together in the ATM house and life in the Valley, from work to backcountry skiing. These three have quite the history together so stay tuned if you want to have a great laugh!


In this episode, Alex and the fellas talk about…

  • Starting avalanche training back in the ATM house
  • Diving into the infamous NYC trip that cost them a deposit
  • From David Letterman to the Twin Towers
  • Current state of the golf courses from Utah to Colorado
  • Mike’s experience playing golf with famous people
  • Working out with Chris Farley in high school
  • Getting their asses kicked by Al Asmussen
  • What they fellas are up to right now
  • Taking Alex out to golf for the first time in years
  • Tim’s big blowout at Fort Logan


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David Letterman Show

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