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The Builder's Journey

Aug 12, 2022

Congratulations on your recent retirement Police Chief Joey Staufer!

Thank you for your 25-years of service as a law enforcement officer!

You will be sorely missed!  We hope you enjoy this audio card!

FEATURED VOICES: (Retd.) Eagle Police Chief - Joey Staufer, Vio Staufer, Sheriff-James Van Beek, Board Chair GEFPD - Eric Peterson, Eagle Town Council - Pappy Kerst, E.C. District Attorney - Heidi McCollum,  Basalt Police Chief -  Greg Knott, Rifle Police Chief - Debra Funston, (FMR) T.O.E. Manager - Brandi Reitter, Blake Gould, (FMR) 10th Mountain Division - Derek Ayers, Derek's Daughter - Evelyn Ayers, Publisher "Rocky Mountain Tribune" - Jacqueline Cartier, Eagle Town Council - Keven Brubeck, Director of Speak Up Reach Out - Erin Ivie.

Please join us at the conclusion of this podcast for the after party with the band! (find them on Instagram: Multiple_Personalities_Tour)

VAIL DAILY (9/2/2015): "Eagle Police Chief describes delivery of his baby on the side of I-70"

VAIL DAILY (6/15/2022): "Van Beek: The Changing of the Guard"

VAIL DAILY (4/28/2022): "Guest opinion: It's time to make fentanyl a felony"

VAIL DAILY (12/23/2022): "Native son takes over helm at Eagle Police Department"


VAIL DAILY (1/18/2019): "Eagle PD Chief Staufer honored for helping pull drowning criminal from icy Eagle River"

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