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The Builder's Journey

Mar 18, 2019

Today we have Bobby Knox in the studio to talk about the newspaper industry in the Vail Valley. Bobby spent a large part of his life in the newspaper industry. He is going to tell us how the industry got its start and the role that his family played with their newspaper “The Vail Trail.”. We are going to cover individual newspapers and how each one played a unique part in spreading the news while coexisting with the other papers. Stay tuned to hear about this builders journey from birth to fruition.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Bobby’s family story
  • How the newspaper industry got its start in Vail
  • Unique styles and roles that varied between individual newspapers
  • Making the shift to a daily newspaper
  • Breaking the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Getting caught in the corporate consolidation
  • Characteristics of a family-owned publication
  • Leaving the newspaper industry
  • The importance of data analytics in today’s newspaper industry
  • Online news and how it is changing the industry
  • The name drop game

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